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At Lorna Lambrecht Interiors we are drawing on over 2 decades of experience specialising in individual high-end residential and hospitality interiors. We can help you realise your aspirations for your home by creating a bespoke space based on your dreams and ambitions. Our aim is always to elevate beyond the ordinary while creating a unique experience. Whether you have a contemporary or period home, we can help you navigate through the shift in modern luxury towards cossetting, personal interiors with exceptional attention to detail.





From the initial concept, we can take you seemlessly through the full design process, interiors sourcing, project management and implementation, right down to the dressing of the completed space. We offer a highly individualised service based entirely on the needs of our clients and the markets they are working in.  The end result will always be an interior and brand as unique and individual as you’d want it to be.

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Tel: 07880748956

The Cotswolds



No matter whether you're planning a an update of a single room or a full renovation of a whole house, as a full service interior design service, Lorna Lambrecht Interiors will be with you every step of the way.

Call us for a free home visit to assess your needs.

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